Johan Maes

          If you don't realise the (un)conscious conspiracy of the owners of the sheep, the shepherds, the sheepdogs & the butchers, you're what is called "an idiot". If you do realise it but don't dare to speak out about this insanity, you're what is called "a coward".

          Many people seriously do believe that the most ruthless superrich oligarchs aka psychopaths are the only of all people who do not get together in pressure groups, do not network and do not make arrangements in their common self interest.

          You realize that those who support the Official Story of 9/11 actually have to swear fealty to this:

          Died on 9/11, then snuck in to the Capitol yesterday.
          CNN are asking for help establishing the identity of the Capitol intruders.
          CIA and FBI always leave some passports behind.
          Take a look, sure you may find some Iranian ones, and can take it from there.

          Clone Mark Zuckerberg blocks Trump from posting for the remainder of his term.

          From Michael Hoffman
          #RudyGiuliani encouraged Trump to initiate yesterday's fiasco. In the morning he urged the crowd to engage in “TRIAL BY COMBAT.” As NY mayor Giuliani covered up for real perpetrators of 9/11 terror attack. This is who Trump chose as "personal lawyer" and top vote fraud strategist

          De rellen in DC zijn aangewakkerd door ANTIFA (gesponsored door POS Soros).

          Dit is groot nieuws. Als het klopt!
          Als Trump echt gaat exposen wie er achter 9/11 zat dan it het game over voor de 1% Cult!

          De zogenaamde koning is in geen velden of wegen te bekennen, als het druk wordt zet deze lafaard het op een lopen. “Opzij, rotvolk!”

          The incredible evil cult of order followers!